Modelling amorphous materials via a joint solid-state NMR and X-ray absorption spectroscopy and DFT approach: application to alumina
Angela F Harper, Steffen P. Emge, Pieter C. M. M. Magusin, Clare P. Grey, Andrew J. Morris
Chemical Science14, 1155-1167 (2023)

Extending first principles spectroscopy to disordered materials: a study on amorphous and crystalline aluminas
Angela F Harper
University of Cambridge Thesis Repository (2022)

Finite Temperature Effects on the X-ray Absorption Spectra of Crystalline Aluminas from First Principles
Angela F Harper, Bartomeu Monserrat, Andrew J. Morris
ArXiv (2022)

Computational investigation of copper phosphides as conversion anodes for litium ion batteries
Angela F Harper, Matthew L. Evans, and Andrew J. Morris.
Chemistry of Materials2(15):6629–6639 (2020)

Ab initio structure prediction methods for battery materials.
Angela F Harper, Matthew L. Evans, James P. Darby, Bora Karasulu, Can P. Koçer, Joseph R.Nelson, and Andrew J. Morris.
Johnson Matthey Technology Review (2020)

Contact patterning by laser printing for flexible electronics on paper,
Angela F Harper, Peter J Diemer, and Oana D Jurchescu
npj Flexible Electronics 3(1) : 106 (2019)

Controlling nucleation, growth, and orientation of metal halide perovskite thin films with rationally selected additives,
Benjamin J Foley, Justin Girard, Blaire A Sorenson, Alexander Z Chen, J Scott Niezgoda, Matthew R Alpert, Angela F Harper, Detlef-M Smilgies, Paulette Clancy, Wissam A Saidi, Joshua J Choi
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (1), 113-123 (2017)

An atlas of peroxiredoxins created using an active site profile-based approach to functionally relevant clustering of proteins,
Angela F Harper, Janelle B Leuthaeuser, Patricia C Babbitt, John H Morris, Thomas E Ferrin, Leslie B Poole, Jacquelyn S Fetrow
PLoS Computational Biology 13 (2), e100528 (2017)

An approach to functionally relevant clustering of the protein universe: Active site profile‐based clustering of protein structures and sequences,
Stacy T Knutson, Brian M Westwood, Janelle B Leuthaeuser, Brandon E Turner, Don Nguyendac, Gabrielle Shea, Kiran Kumar, Julia D Hayden, Angela F Harper, Shoshana D Brown, John H Morris, Thomas E Ferrin, Patricia C Babbitt, Jacquelyn S Fetrow
Protein Science 26 (4), 677-699 (2017)

DASP3: identification of protein sequences belonging to functionally relevant groups,
Janelle B Leuthaeuser, John H Morris, Angela F Harper, Thomas E Ferrin, Patricia C Babbitt, Jacquelyn S Fetrow
BMC Bioinformatics 17 (1), 458 (2016)

Laser‐Printed Organic Thin‐Film Transistors,
Peter J Diemer, Angela F Harper, Muhammad R Niazi, Anthony J Petty, John E Anthony, Aram Amassian, Oana D Jurchescu
Advanced Materials Technologies 2 (11), 1700167 (2017)

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